Sire: Windermere Solo
Dam: Savernake Ashley
11 1/2", Tan/White, Broken Coat
BAER/CERF:  Normal / Normal 1/07
OFA Hips:  Excellent
* Bronze Medallion
* With a very sad heart, yet proud heritage which is continuing through
   my best working and show terriers, Button Top Willie was laid to rest
   today. He was genetically sound until the day he died!  Thank you to
   all who loved him as much as I did and a special thanks to Jeannine
   Nichols for being there with him, and to Mickey for doing what I just
   couldn't do. This past weekend at the Mason Dixon Trial, Willie's
   Granddaughter, Hart Farms Gracie, was Working Terrier Conformation
   Champion and his other Granddaughter, Hart Farms Ooze, was Puppy
   Conformation Champion.  Willie's Great Great Granddaughter, Hart
   Farms AnnaBelle, was Best 4-6 month Puppy Conformation Champion.
   He WILL live on through the terriers I still have!
* Sire of Multiple Conformation Champions, NHC earners
   and  BRONZE MEDALLION earners including the following:
   B.T. Gracie: NHC Groundhog & Raccoon and 
         Several Conformation Championships
    Eunice: Multiple Conformation Championships
    Hart Farms Buffalo: Several Conformation Class Wins and 
        Reserve Conformation Champion
    Misty Morning Rodeo: Several Conformation Championships 
         and the 1998 JRTCA National Reserve Puppy Champion, 
         NHC to Groundhog, 2001 Mason Dixon Working Champion 
   Misty Morning Mercedes: Several Conformation Wins, Reserve Conformation 
         Champion & BRONZE MEDALLION
    Misty Morning Trucker:  Multiple Conformation Class Wins,
        NHC to Groundhog
    Misty Morning Willow: Several Conformation Wins and Reserve
        Conformation Champion
    Bowery Bart: Several Conformation Championships
    Bowery Zest: Conformation Class Winner
    Cedardale Mr. Dillon: Conformation Class Winner and Reserve 
    Sparky: NHC to Raccoon
    Briddle Creek Aston:  NHC to Groundhog
    Hart Farms Olliemae: Reserve Puppy Champion, Best Open 
         Terrier, Multiple Working Terrier Conformation 
         Championships, 2nd at the 2001 & 2002 JRTCA Nationals
    Hart Farms Wicked:  Reserve Champion 4-6 mo Puppy
    Cosanauga Tater:  Open Terrier Conformation Champion
    Hart Farms Ruffian:  Multiple Conformation Class wins and
    Daybreak Todd:  Reserve Puppy Conformation Champion,
         Best Open Terrier (Pictured below)
    Loon Cove Copper:  NHC to Groundhog & Opossum & 5th place at the
          2006 JRTCA Nationals trial in Conformation
    Hart Farms Tobasco Cat:  Multiple Reserve Champion 4-6 mo. Puppy 
    awards, Open Puppy Champion (see photo below), Best & Reserve 
   Best Open Terrier
* Grandsire and Great Grandsire of Multiple Conformation 
        Champions, NHC earners, and Bronze Medallions

Willie's granddaughter, Windermere Tally, was Puppy Conformation
Champion at the 2009 JRTCA Nationals!
Willie's memory lives on....................................

Hart Farms Tobasco Cat
aka:  Felix
Multi Reserve 4-6 month Puppy
Championships & Open Puppy Champion

Hart Farms Tobasco Cat
Owned by: Jeannine Nichols and 
Cindy Emmett
Best Open Conformation Champion
Daybreak Todd
Best Open Terrier
owned by Mary Stevens & Jenni Mitchell 
of Daybreak Kennel.
Misty Morning Cinnamon
2000 JRTCA Nationals Working Champion!

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