In the spring of 1992, I met Ken 
Chambers at a dog trial I was attending
 in Kentucky.  I had owned Jack Russell
terriers for a few years and had heard
people talk about hunting their dogs, but since I didn't come from a hunting family, I knew absolutely nothing about
it!  Ken introduced himself to me at the
motel we were staying at and invited me
to come hunting with him.  I showed 
him the dogs I had at that time, which was an 11" bitch, who Ken really liked cuz she was so small, named Candy and 
a 14" male named Charlie Brown.  Ken 
always enjoyed telling the story about 
telling me that if I wanted to hunt that 
"horse" I'd have to take a lot of weight
off of him.  I went home and put ole
Charlie on a strict diet.  When he was 
where "I thought" he should be, I called
Ken and made a hunt appointment.  I 
can still remember Ken laughing to this
day saying, "Cheryl, I said for Charlie to 
loose a few pounds, I didn't say I wanted
to read the newspaper through his ribs!"
Auh, the memories . . . .

On May 1, 1992, my son Todd, and I
experienced the disappearance of our little house dog, Candy in a deep dark hole. (By the look on Todd's face and where he's pointing, picture on the left, you can tell he wasn't too sure about this!)  Within an hour, we were holding our baby (on right), her prize,  and Todd and I were smiling with PURE PRIDE!  I was hooked!!
From this point on, I became Ken's
company as many weekends as my
family would let me go!

Ken was a clown too.  But he was very serious about was his terriers.  I tried my best to buy this little bitch from him, but he kept her till the very end.  This is Ken holding Itabit, who was a full sister to my male, "B.T.Willie".
When I found out Ken was sick, I made a trip to see him.  I took him out hunting with me for our last outing.  Even though he was very weak that weekend, he still managed to smile for the camera.  This was my last time to see Ken alive.  I will truly miss this man that taught me so much.  Thank you Ken, I'll never forget you!
Ken was always teaching.  He was a true natural in the field.  He was the foundation for many people who hunt their terriers today.  By sharing his knowledge with so many, his immortality is assured.

A tribute to "Charlie Brown"
coming soon.





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