Sire: Hart Farms Bruno
Dam: Button Top Gracie 
12 1/4", Tan/White, Broken Coat
BAER:  Normal,  CERF:  Normal 1/07
PLL tested Carrier

We are very saddened by the death of Isaac.  He was 
an awesome hunting & show terrier.  He left his 
legacy listed below.  It was an honor to have him in 
my kennel for the years he gave me.

* BRONZE Medallion
Hart Farms Itchy (an Isaac x Chagrin daughter), was shown once
    as a 4-6 month Puppy, where she stood Champion.  Then her first
    time shown in the older Puppy Division, she was Puppy Champion!
    NHC to Opossum!
*  Pine Hill Izzy (Hart Farms Isaac x Pine Hill Reva), has earned her NHC
    to Raccoon & Red Fox . . .  Congratulations Lisa Drinkwater!

Isaac's son, Hart Farms Westin, won his conformation class out of 40 entries and went on to be Reserve Open Dog at the 2005 JRTCA National Trial ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Isaac took 2nd place in his veterans working class in 2005 &
Isaac had 4 children to do very well this year at the 2006 JRTCA
Pine Hill Ike - 5th out of 33 entries in 4-6 month R/B male puppies
Pine Hill Izzy - 4th out of 13 entries in the 4-6 month smooth female puppies
Troon Quarry Abel 5th out of 17 entries in the Family Class
Winslow Farms Trax - 1st out of 34 entries in Suitability to Groundhog

Hart Farms Itchy
Pictured here at 13 weeks
Isaac's up and coming little Star!
N E W S    F L A S H:
First time shown Itchy was Best
4-6 month Puppy Conformation
Champion!  Now as an adult
Itchy has earned her NHC to 
Pine Hill Ike
placed 5th out of 33 entries at the 2006 JRTCA Nationals.  He has also won
2 Best 4-6 month puppy Awards, 1 Reserve Best 4-6 month puppy Award and 
multiple conformation class wins!

* Multiple Conformation Championships, Best Family at 2001
   Mason Dixon Trial
* 2000 JRTCA Nationals Reserve Best Working Dog
* Sire of Multiple Conformation Champions and Multiple Bronze
   Medallion earners!
* Grandsire of Multiple Puppy Conformation Champions and 
   Reserves and multiple NHC earners
*  Isaac has been 1st or 2nd at the JRTCA Nationals every year
    since he was a puppy!  (retired at the 2006 JRTCA Nationals)
Isaac's competing offspring out of only a few litters to date:
Hart Farms Spiceitup: Multiple Conformation Class Wins, 
   Best Working Bitch, Reserve Working Champion, Bronze 
Hart Farms Delilah:  NHC to Raccoon
Madison Ridge Bleu: Conformation Class Winner
Madison Ridge Jericho:  Bronze Medallion
Hart Farms Ruse: Multiple GTG Championships, Racing Winner, 
   Multiple conformation Class wins and Reserve Working Terrier,
  NHC to Groundhog & Opossum
Troon Quarry Cane: Conformation Class Winner
Hart Farms Luke:  Multiple Conformation Championships, 
   Bronze Medallion
Troon Quarry Abel: Bronze Medallion and Multiple Conformation
    Championships - pictured below
Troon Quarry Deliliah:  Reserve Conformation Champion
Courtwood Chatter:  Puppy Champion & Reserve Open Terrier 
Courtwood Cooler:  Reserve Open Terrier
Hart Farms Ellie:  Best 4-6 month Puppy Conformation Champion,
       Best Bitch Puppy.
Hart Farms Dallas:  4-6 month Race winner
Hart Farms Westin:  Reserve Puppy Champion, Reserve Open
        Terrier, Reserve Open Dog at the 2005 JRTCA Nationals.
Winslow Trax:  Multiple Conformation Class wins & Winner of the 2006 
        JRTCA Nationals in Suitability to Groundhog!
Hart Farms Itchy:  Best 4-6 Month Puppy Conformation Champion &
          Puppy Conformation Champion, Multiple Open Terrier Conformation
          Reserve Championships & NHC to Opossum.
Pine Hill Ike:  Multiple Best 4-6 month Puppy Conformation Championships.
Pine Hill Izzy:  NHC to Raccoon & Red Fox.
Courtwood Cracker:   profiled below. . . . . 
Hart Farms Elijah:  profiled below . . . . ..

    Current 30 day Negative Brucelosis Test
    Current 1 year Normal CERF
    Current 1 year Normal CERF on Bitch's Sire & Dam
    Normal BAER Test

Fox Hole Shadaisy
5 months old

Troon Quarry Abel
Multiple Conformation Championshhips
Bronze Medallion
Courtwood Cracker
Multiple Conformation Bests
Reserve Conformation Puppy Champion at the 2001 JRTCA Nationals!
Reserve Best Open Dog at the 2004 JRTCA Nationals.
Hart Farms Elijah
First time shown:
Reserve Conformation 4-6 month Dog Puppy at the 2001 JRTCA Nationals!  BRONZE MEDALLION

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