***** Retired *****

Sire: Towery Pines Trouble
Dam: Hart Farms Gracie
DOB:  June 30, 2009
Color/Coat/Height: T/W - Rough Coat - 12"
BAER, DM, PLL & SCA:  Normal / EYES:  OFA Clear 3/2020
NHC to Groundhog, Raccoon & Opossum (BRONZE MEDALLION and 
JRTCA Lifetime Award)

 *   Grace is her mother made over!  I got exactly what I wanted from this 
      cross.  THANK YOU LORD!  All I can say about her is "if you've seen
      Hart Farms Gracie, you see Grace. . . ."
*    Grace made her debut at her first sanctioned JRTCA trial taking Best
      4-6 month Conformation Puppy Champion one day and Reserve Best 
      4-6 month Conformation Puppy Champion the next day at the HUGE 
      Magnolia Classic!  Looks like she's following in her mother's footsteps!
*    First time shown in the Puppy Division, Grace was Puppy Conformation
     Champion on Saturday and Reserve Puppy Conformation Champion
     to a Firestorm Blast Son, on Sunday at the SWJRTN in April.
*   Multiple Working Conformation Class wins & Best Conformation Working
*   Winner of the Bronze Medallion Bitch Class at the 2010 JRTCA Nationals!
*   Producer of Hart Farms Bro: Multiple Conformation Class Wins, Best Dog
    Puppy, Reserve Puppy Champion and Reserve Working Dog.  JRTCA Nationals
    Winner in under working Dogs class.  Bro is also a Bronze Medallion Earner. 
    Hart Farms Judy:  Multiple conformation class  wins and Best and Reserve best 
    bitch classes.   Judy also won the 2018 JRTCA Nationals in Suitability to Raccoon. 
    Judy also has her NHC to groundhog.  Hart Farms Graham:  NHC to Groundhog.
*    Grace is now a retired mom.  I am so proud to have a son and daughter
     of this great bitch!

Grace & Dude puppies 4 weeks of age:

Hart Farms Grace
2019 in WV after working a very tough
groundhog that was 4' deep.
Thank you Jan Bell for the wonderful
memory photo! 
Grace is one of a kind!  She was 10 years
old in this photo!!

Hart Farms Grace
Earning her Life Time Achievement 
Award in Indiana after working a tough raccoon with Ted Ely - 2019
Grace was 10 years old.
Hart Farms Cletus
Cletus is 4 months old in this photo.
His sire is Mountain Legends Toby
Congratulations Kathy Haynes on the
purchase of this beautiful young terrier!
Hart Farms Bro
Sire:  Cross 7 Dude
Puppy Conformation Class Winner
Best Dog Puppy
Reserve Puppy Champion
JRTCA Nationals Winner in under Working Division
Bronze Medallion
Hart Farms Judy
Sire:  Hart Farms Abraham
Multiple conformation class wins
Multiple Best and Reserve Best Open
Bitch classes
Winner of the 2018 JRTCA Nationals
Suitability to Raccoon.
NHC to Groundhog.
Hart Farms Graham
Sire:  Hart Farms Abraham
Dam:  Hart Farms Grace
NHC:  Groundhog
Owner:  Jane Griffin