Sire: Hart Farms Abraham 
Dam: Hart Farms Annie Oakley 
DOB: September 6, 2014 
Height/Color/Coat: 11", Tri, Rough Coat 
NHC to Groundhog 
BAER, PLL & SCA: Normal / DM:  Carrier / EYES:  OFA Clear 3/2022  

First time shown (Dogwood - GA - 7/2017):  Winner of Suitability 
to GH & Reserve Best Suitability terrier.  Winner of 2018 JRTCA National trial in 
Suitability to Groundhog!  
First time shown in Family Class:  Winner of Brood Bitch and Get both Days at  
Dogwood Summer Classic on 7/18/20 & 7/19/20 and Reserve Best Family on 7/18  
& Best Family on 7/19.  Ollie proudly had Hart Farms Rip, Hart Farms GloryBe  
& Hart Farms Katness by her side for these wins.  Ollie also won Suitability to 
Groundhog on 7/19/20 and was Best Suitability Terrier. 
**    Winner of:  2020 JRTCA National Trial in Suitability to Groundhog and 
        Broodbitch classes.  Ollie went on to win overall BEST FAMILY with 
        Hart Farms Katness, Hart Farms GloryBe and Hart Farms Rip by her  
**    Dam of:  Hart Farms Katness - First time show:  Winner of Suitability to 
       Groundhog at Spring Fever I in Fredericksburg, VA. Katness placed 5th out 
     out of the largest class of 26 at the 2020 JRTCA National Trial in Suitability 
       to Groundhog.  Hart Farms Caycee - Before the age of 2, earned USDAA  
       Standard Agility Title and Starters Jumpers Title.  Hart Farms Glory Be 
       - First time shown in 4-6 month class:  Winner of Bitch puppy class and  
       Best 4-6 month Puppy at Magnolia Classic on 10/27/19.  First time shown  
       as an adult:  Winner of Suitability to Groundhog and Reserve Best Suitability  
      Terrier at Dogwood Summer Classic XI Trial on 7/18/20.  Hart Farms Rip - 
       Best time of the day for finding and locating a rat at Magnolia 
       Classic on 10/27/19.  Puppy Champion both days at the January Florida trial.  
      First time shown as an adult: Winner of Under Open Dog R/B at Dogwood 
       Summer Classic XI & XII on 7/18/20 & 7/19/20 and Reserve Open Dog on  
      7/19/20.  Rip won Best Open Dog at the 2020 JRTCA National Trial and went 
      on to win Reserve Best Open Terrier!  Rip consistantly places in GTG, Super  
      Earth and Racing, including his first JRTCA National Trial in 2020.  2021 & 
      2022 JRTCA National Reserve Working Champion.  Rip is a Bronze Medallion.  

Hart Farms Ollie 
Winning the Broodbitch class at the 
2020 JRTCA Nationals.  Ollie 
went on to win overall  
Ollie also won Suitability to  
Groundhog, the largest conformation class, at the 2020 JRTCA National Trial.
Hart Farms Katness 
by Hart Farms Bro at 8 weeks 
Hart Farms Katness 
by Hart Farms Bro at 7 months. 
10 3/4" Rough, Tan and White at 1 yr. 
First time shown:  Winner of Suitability 
to Groundhog at Spring Fever I in  
Fredericksburg, VA.
Hart Farms Caycee (11 1/2") 
(Pictured above an to the right) 
Before the age of 2, has earner her USDAA 
Title to Standard Agility and Starters 
Hart Farms Glory Be 
First time shown October 27, 2019 
Magnolia Classic - Germantown, TN 
Winner of the 4-6 month bitch puppy class 
and Best 4-6 month puppy the day she 
turned 4 months old! 
NHC to Groundhog
First time shown as an adult:  Winner of 
Suitability to Groundhog at Dogwood Summer Classic XI and Reserve Best Suitability terrier.
Hart Farms Rip 
Multiple Conformation Championships and
Reserve Conformation Championships.
Bronze Medallion
Reserve Best Open Terrier in 2020 and
Reserve Working Champion in 2021 & 2022 at the
JRTCA National Trials! 
Hart Farms Rip 
Best Man at a wedding 
Kim and Rusty Russell Owners
Ollie is a very small, beautiful moving terrier that has a bright future.  She is working groundhogs with a big heart.  I look forward to working her for many years to come.