Dan Grimmel with Fox Island
Flora in West Virginia.
Summer 2000
Jan Bell holding her bitch Teena and I'm holding my bitch Suenami in W. V.   Fall 1999 Steve and Lenora Erb from California holding their bitch, Carley, in W. V.  Fall 1999

Teri Evans holding the 
groundhog that her bitch 
Emily worked very hard to 
get, as the dairy cows were
supervising.  MD, Fall 1997
Dr. Jim Gibbs and his wife Debbie bracing
this very mad groundhog while their Hart Farms.
Isaac daughter, Spice, looked on.  Mr. Hog
was released unharmed.  Spice did a fine job.
W. V., Summer 2000
Lynn Grimsley holding the
opossum that finished the
JRTCA Bronze Medallion on
her bitch, Molly, that I'm
holding.  VA, Winter 1997

Jeff Hamblin holding one of his
fine working terriers after a hard
dig.  This one was a challenge!
Ohio, Summer 1995
Teri Evans holding Madison Ridge
Jericho, a Hart Farms Isaac son, 
after earning his NHC to groundhog
at 9 months of age!  The 4-wheeler
with our tools strapped to it, made
travel over rough terrain easier!
Cheryl Robson holding Orchard Hill
Dashing after he successfully pushed
through a very tight hole to get to
his groundhog.  Good job Dashing!
N. C., Fall 2000

Shirley Davis holding Razz.  I'm holding Razz's opossum that finished Razz's Bronze Medallion.  Now this was a real happy moment for Shirley and her little bed partner.   Mr. Opossum was sure glad to get back to his business, and out of the rain.
TN, Fall 2000
Sharon Prichett with her dog, Paxton Diamond, right after he earned his NHC to groundhog.  Good job Diamond!
                N. C., Summer 1997
Now this is some kinda crew, isn't it?
From left to right:
Mary Beth Clark, Debbie Calloway, Shirley Davis, Jane Longendorfer, Lisa Drinkwater and Jane Griffin.
A true bunch of Good Friends and dedicated terrier women!
TN, Fall 2000

Jeff Rowe and his exceptional hunting bitch, Pounce, earning her JRTCA Bronze Medallion with this very formidable alive opossum.
TN, Fall 2001
Raymond Woodward and his nice hunting male, Sledge, earning his JRTCA Bronze Medallion with this very formidable alive opossum.
TN, Fall 2001
Jeff Rowe delicately holding this NASTY DEAD skunk that gave Suenami and Olliemae a splash in the face.
We have NO MERCY for skunks that spray our terriers!
WV, Summer 2001

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