In order to choose the right stud dog for your bitch, it's imperative that you know her positive and negative qualities.   These qualities should include hunting instincts, temperament, hair coat, bite, head shape, strength of muzzle, ear set & size, length of neck & how it ties into her body, angle of shoulder, width between front legs, straightness of legs, feet, length of body, tail set, rear anglation, hock set, movement, height, chest size, how much color, and bone density.  Be honest with yourself when evaluating your bitch.  Remember ignoring negatives won't make them go away.  I suggest, for the novice or young breeder, to make yourself three columns: Positives, Negatives & Average.  Start your list with the most outstanding, whether it be good or bad, down to the least noticeable. 
       Now it's time to find a stud dog for her.  One of the biggest mistakes novice people make is choosing a stud dog just because he happens to be winning in the show ring.  WRONG! ! !  This is not saying that he wouldn't be right for your bitch, but what is wrong, is choosing him just because he is winning.  Old time breeders of the top livestock in the country will tell you, "A stud is only as good as he produces!"  I have personally seen the most gorgeous animals in the world not produce worth a darn.  As well, on the other hand, I've seen the ugliest animals produce top winners.  And there are those that can win and produce.  Also, when trying to decide who is a producer, make sure you know how many bitches this stud has been bred to.  If the stud has bred 25 bitches with an average of 3 pups per litter then he has produced 75 pups.  If you have been seeing 5 top winners, then approximately 7% of his get are winning.  If the stud has bred 10 bitches with all of the same information, then he is producing approximately 17% winners. 
       Now, let's get back to matching this producing dog with your bitch.  This is the easiest of all.  Evaluate the stud dog in the same manner you evaluated your bitch (the 3 column method).  Compare his good & bad qualities with those of your bitches.  Make sure you never double up on major faults and don't ever forget that "NATURAL HUNTING INSTINCTS" should be at the top of your priorities!  If your bitch has a really bad quality, make sure the stud is outstandingly excellent in this area.  It also helps to research to see what the damns of the pups, you have seen that you like, look like.  This will tell you how strong of a producer the stud is in producing the qualities you are looking for.
       Stud fees, flight fees, Brucelosis tests, and health certificates have got to be considered when making the choice for your bitch.  The stud fee shouldn't cost you more than the sell price of the 2nd pick of your litter.  Remember that Jack Russells don't necessarily breed "true".  Therefore, if you can get 1 or 2 top pups in a litter, you have made a successful choice. 
       When you think you've made the right decision, there is one more very important step to take.  Pray about it.  If you are sincere in your prayer, God will answer you.  He has never let me down yet!  Remember that all of creation belongs to God; we are just his caretakers.
Cheryl Hart

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