The dictionary defines a Breeder as:  (1) A person who breeds animals or plants, (2) Anything that causes, creates, or gives birth to something; a source.  Anyone can fit this category.  Responsible is defined as: (1) Liable to blame for anything that happens or goes wrong, (2) Having a certain duty or obligation.  NOW, this is a horse of a different color! 
        Being a RESPONSIBLE BREEDER means that no matter what happens with the pups you produced, you will be held liable and have a duty to make it right!!!  This means refunding money on an unregisterable pup, guaranteeing the health beyond just getting it home, finding homes for the misfits in your litter that you can't sell, finding homes for the pups/dogs that can't be kept any longer due to different circumstances that might occur with the purchaser, or anything that happens or goes wrong! 
        Being a Responsible Breeder is not an easy task, but if you are going to breed, it's a MUST!  Don't breed a litter of puppies unless you are willing to fulfill the responsibilities that goes with it (defined above)!

 Cheryl Hart

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