Sire: Owl Canyon Lincoln
Dam: Hart Farms Secret
Coat/Color/Height:  Lightly Broken / Tri / 13"
DOB: December 30, 2011
BAER, PLL, SCA, DM:  Normal / EYES: OFA Clear 3/2018
NHC:  Groundhog

*    Abraham is a very lightly broken coated, very fluid moving young stud
     dog that is already producing some exceptional pups!
*   Abraham has earned multiple conformation championships and class wins.
*   Abraham was Best Dog Puppy at the 2012 JRTCA Nationals!
*   Producer of conformation class winner, Hart Farms Ollie (first time shown) and
     Bronze Medallion:  Hart Farms ET.
Hart Farms ET
(pictured here at 6 weeks of age)
(Out of Hart Farms Ooze)
ET is an awesome very lightly broken
coated male pup that I have decided
to keep.  He matured at 12" and can get anywhere!  He was picking
up scent and trailing from the time
he was 10 weeks old.

Hart Farms ET
Out of Hart Farms Ooze
NHC:  Groundhog, Opossum & Raccoon
All 12" of him:
Hart Farms Ollie
Out of Hart Farms Annie Oakley
11" & conformation class &
Reserve Best Suitability terrier
winner first time shown


Male Pup @ 10 wks by:
Hart Farms Abraham

Male Pup @ 10 weeks by:
Hart Farms Abraham / Izzie

Female Pup @ 10 weeks by:
Hart Farms Abraham / Izzie

Hart Farms Judy
Hart Farms Abraham / Hart Farms Grace