Breeding Announcement:

Hart Farms Suenami whelped a litter of
2 t/w male puppies by Hart Farms Bro
 on July 21, 2018.
If interested in a pup from this litter, call Cheryl Hart
304-653-2002 or 901-853-2002
(click on Suenami and Bro's names to go to their web pages)

Both male puppies are broken coated tan
and white.  Both are very brave and outgoing.
They are pictured here at 5 weeks of age.
Pups pictured on each side are now 8
weeks of age and are showing their true
wonderful personalities!  Pup on the left
is going to be smaller than the pup on the
right (in side only).  They are both still
very outgoing and quite inquisitive.